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Pharo VM»Setup Windows Build
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Setup Windows Build


Here are steps needed to set up a Windows machine as a Jenkins slave for the Pharo jenkins server.
  1. Make sure to switch the language setting to ENGLISH we all use standard US-layouts, the only layout you can program with. No French, no German and certainly no Swiss layout! And remind that all applications have to be installed in ENGLISH.
  2. Firstly install a decent browser and add a link to the browser to the windows task bar and make sure to change its interface language to ENGLISH
  3. Now open this very website in the newly installed web browser.
  4. Install a decent text editor, again add the link to the task bar
  5. Install a tool to unlock locked files in Windows. With jenkins running stuff on the windows slave that happens more often than you think. Whenever there is a problem of deleting files that are still opened somewhere, use the unlocker to close applications that still access those files.
  6. Install Oracle Java Runtime
  7. Download and install MinGW and MSYS, with C/C\+\+ compiler support  To install mingw\+msys using a single, painless step, one should download latest installer. While installing grab a snack, drink a coffee and enjoy the view from your window.
  8. For simplicity install all packages (also MinGW-dev) for maximum compatibility
  9. Make sure you have MinGW (usually C:\MinGW\msys\1.0\bin) in the Path environment variable.
  10. Install a decent shell because the default shells do NOT have proper mouse interaction, even worse, copy paste wont work with keyboard shortcuts.
  11. Install the following additional MinGW packages by running the following command in the MingGW Shell 
    mingw-get install msys-unzip msys-wget msys-zip
  12. Download and install Git. During the installation, I choose the option "run git from from the windows command prompt".
  13. Optional: add git to the PATH variable so that you can see git from msys. To do this, add path to git for msys: Control panel -> System, then search for Environment Variables. There should be already: C:\Program Files\Git\cmd. Add C:\Program Files\Git\bin. Notice that the path may not be exactly C:\Program Files\Git but similar…
  14. Install CMake: during installation, in install options , make sure that you choose to add CMake to PATH.
  15. Checking : to check if everything is installed, open MSYS program (which should look like a UNIX terminal) and try to execute the different commands: git, make and cmake.
  16. Make sure to deactivate file indexing for the workspace (or in general due to slowing down file operations). To do so open the program "Indexing Options" from the start-menu and exclude or remove the workspace / all files from the indexed directories.
  17. Also you need to add:
#ifndef _MINGW_FLOAT_H_
#include_next <float.h>
in C:\MinGW\lib\gcc\mingw\32\4.6.1\include\float.h or C:\Program Files\MinGW\lib\gcc\mingw32\4.6.1\include\float.h. The version number, in this case 4.6.1, might be different in your case.
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